Structured Light 3D Camera
High Speed Area Scan Camera
High Speed Line Scan Camera
High Speed Line Scan Camera
DLP Projector
DLP Projector
CR Series Code Reader & Industrial Smart Camera
CR Series Code Reader & Industrial Smart Camera
  • New energy
    New energy
    Using the principle of machine vision detection, combined with the self-developed high-end vision sensor of Bopixel,
    Provide full-stack AI application solutions for scenarios such as size inspection, alignment inspection, appearance defect inspection, position correction, deviation correction closed-loop control, sealing nail welding inspection and other scenarios in the battery manufacturing process, helping customers improve production efficiency and realize automation and intelligence upgrade.
  • Semiconductor
    For wafer/epitaxial wafer production and processing, semiconductor front/back channel surface defects, film thickness measurement and various quantity detection requirements in the Array segment of LCD/LED. Based on the self-developed ultra-high-speed, large-field-of-view, and high-resolution imaging system combined with brain-inspired artificial intelligence technology, it creates high-end testing equipment with completely independent intellectual property rights.
  • Auto industry
    Auto industry
    In automotive fastener fittings, the aspects that screening machines usually involve that can be detected are:
    Dimensional defects, center of circle, leak welding, sorting and other visual inspection. Auto parts inspection systems determine whether a product meets requirements by identifying image features and analyzing image signals. The detection process is fully automatic. When an abnormality occurs in the product detection, an abnormal signal will be sent and the product will be delivered to the OK or NG unloading box.
  • Logistics industry
    Logistics industry
    Through technologies such as visual detection and segmentation, dynamic recognition and detection of parts, 3D high-precision attitude estimation, adaptive flexible grasping and intelligent planning and placement, and multi-robot collaborative operation scheduling and planning, the automatic, fast, accurate and flexible sorting of warehouse parts is realized.
  • Robot industry
    Robot industry
    Through 2D/3D machine vision recognition technology. Combining AI algorithms and deep learning-based
    High-speed and precise registration can accurately identify and locate the workpiece. It can accurately identify and locate the required workpiece position in a messy background. The recognition accuracy is as high as 1mm, which can continuously provide stable workpiece loading for the subsequent machining process and reduce manual repetition. workload
  • Food and medicine industry
    Food and medicine industry
    The coding of the infusion tube often fails due to the instability of the coder and improper operation of the workers.In this case, the customer was provided with an easy-to-use customized software, and the DeepOCR model was deployed to realize real-time detection of the coding of the infusion tube, with a false detection rate of less than 0.01%.
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